Re-Lax 30ml


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Botox in a bottle, the Re-lax 3 serum smooths lines, fights against ageing, impurities, inflammation & reactive skin.

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Re-lax 3 multiple level serum highly-potential youth elixir. A brilliant serum with a balanced blend of exceptional, biotechnological high-tech IDCs, creates a complex, multilayered deceleration on skin ageing processes, significantly alleviating signs of ageing and simultaneously activating all skin repair functions. Tripeptides particularly counteract expression lines with an exponential effect on wrinkle reduction. Skin aging processes are impressively smoothed with lasting results. An exclusive selection of phyto-extracts actively shield against free radicals, providing a anti-allergenic, soothing and anti-inflammatory skin protection. Several interacting layers of regenerative and protective systems packed with anti-aging properties detect all skin type needs/requirements and is equally effective for all skin types – even expanded microvascular blood vessels. Apply morning and evening after cleansing for a renewed, radiant skin.


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