Face and Neck Treatments

Skin Analysis

Observ 520 Skin Analysis

The skin is a complex organ and there is more than what we see with…

Skin Nutrition

Level 1 Facials

A FRESH START Our level one facials are suitable for all skin types and concerns…

Dmkmuscle Banding

Level 2 Facials

BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY The start of your skin journey. Our level two facials have been…

Skin Nutrition

Level 3 Facials

Your revision journey at The Skin Hub is perfectly customised for you. Every facial is…

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Level 4 Facials

ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE The ultimate experience for those on their skin revision journey.

Lunchtime Peel 1

Level 5 Facials

 EXPRESS REVISION The express lane to beautiful glowing skin. Our LEVEL 5 treatments include advanced…

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Level 6 Facials

YOUR ULTIMATE REVISION Your ultimate revision begins with a lower level facial and advancing to…

Facial Addons

Facial add on’s

ENHANCED EXPERIENCE Enhance your treatment experience with our range of facial add-on treatments.

Plasma Pen Cosmetic Corrector

Anti – Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections work by injecting a natural protein that relaxes targeted and specific muscles we…

Brunette Touching Face

Plasma Pen Cosmetic Skin Corrector

The ACCOR Plasma Pen is the first to utilise a low-frequency delivery of the plasma…