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Advanced Peels

Can be included in our Advanced Enzyme Therapy. RP and Six layer peel are always done as part of a treatment program.

DMK offers a variety of double peels, pre exfoliations and advanced peels in order to achieve phenomenal skin results.

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All of these need to be done under the supervision of your skin therapist and after a minimum number of enzyme therapy facials as set out by them. This is to ensure your skin is in the best possible health prior to advanced treatments and also in order to achieve optimal results.

Double peels or double pre exfoliations can be added to enzyme therapy in order to achieve specific results using various combinations of DMK products. These treatments are always set out by your skin specialist and only for those who have had the recommended pre treatments and are on the prescribed homecare this is to ensure amazing results and reduce downtime/risks associated with doing treatments on an unprepared skin.

Remodelling procedure/6 layer Peel

Can only ever be booked for those under direction from a skin care professional within our clinic after a thorough consultation, in clinic treatments and the appropriate homecare.

These advanced peels are designed to revise skin back to its genetic blueprint, the skin you were meant to have if it weren’t for your environment, lifestyle, hormones etc. These peels target; Ageing, pigment, scarring and give the skin a complete overhaul. Part of a very specific and specialised program tailored specifically to your skin needs combining different modalities and homecare to achieve life changing results that can’t be matched.