Akaline Hair Removal

Alkaline Hair Removal

$149 Full Face

$99 Half Face

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DMK Alkaline is an exclusive and unique DMK formulation that can be used for both hair removal and skin revision treatments with remarkable results. When used for hair removal it removes fine hair easily and painlessly.

The fine hair on the face can be difficult to treat with other hair removal systems. Alkaline wash has the advantage of removing large areas of hair in one treatment with little to no discomfort, and will not only remove hair but also after multiple treatments will reduce the growth over time. Can be done on its own or paired with enzyme therapy to both remove hair and improve skin functioning at the same time.

Please note there are particular homecare products that we recommend post treatment in order to obtain the best results from your treatment when used for skin revision an enzyme is ALWAYS required after the treatment.

Consultation is recommended prior to treatment.

Unique Formulation

Created to remove light hair that may otherwise be difficult to treat without the pain the can come with other hair removal techniques.

Reduces hair growth over time

After the first treatment the hair will grow back at its normal rate but over time it will reduce the regrowth.


Used in both hair removal and skin revision it softens, swells and dissolves.