Body Scuplting

Alone $150

With Body Enzyme $75

Here to help you ditch the dimples is DMK’s body sculpting treatment. DMK Body Sculpting includes a breakthrough formulation designed to revise the shape of those stubborn areas such as the thighs, love handles and upper arms.

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Formulated to reduce the appearance of cellulite, this treatment aims to firm, tighten and tone the skin naturally through a thermogenesis effect. Thermogenesis takes place in the upper epidermis and lower subcutaneous tissue, stimulating circulation and flushing out built-up waste products. Combine with the DMK Body Enzyme to enhance your results.

Thermogenic effect

Stimulates circulation and lymphatic flow to flush out built up waste products.

Firms and smoothens

Targets problem areas and cellulite to firm and smooth the skin.


Can be used as a stand alone treatment or added to body enzyme therapy in order to achieve amazing results and you can even maintain at home with the take home body sculpting cream.