Skin Needling

Collagen Induction – Skin Needling

A pen like device is used with tiny needles that are inserted into the skin at varying depths to stimulate the skins fibroblast cell and kick start the natural healing process. The fibroblast cells create fresh collagen, elastin and GAG’s which give the skin mechanical strength, flexibility and hydration. Results can be seen immediately and for weeks after your first treatment.


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Best results come from a minimum of three treatments for most people. Single area packages are available. Clients MUST be on a The Skin Hub advised home care regime prior to any treatments, and have a minimum of 3 Enzyme facials for optimal skin functioning and to achieve the best results. Consultation is advised prior to treatment.

Activate healing

This incredible treatment works by creating small micro wounds that encourage the activation of the skins natural healing processes.

Keeps on working

Stimulation of collagen and elastin happens immediately but also continues working for up to 24 months after the treatment.

Get more from your skin journey

Skin needling can be done alone or as part of your facial treatment journey to achieve next level results.