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Dermal Levelling Facial

Alone $89

With Facial $129

Add to Enzyme Therapy Facial for $40

Dermal Levelling (also known as Epi-Dermal levelling, Dermablading & Dermaplaning) is a non-invasive hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatment that uses a blade to work on dead cell build up, congestion, fine lines and wrinkles.

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After the skin is cleansed, it is pulled taught and the blade is used to quickly and painlessly scrape away the build up of dull and dead skin cells. This technique also removes peach fuzz growth on the face, leaving the skin smooth and glowing. This can be a standalone treatment or combined with another to enhance results.

Instantly removes unwanted hair and dead skin cells

Gentle and effective hair removal that instantly removes hair leaving smooth skin behind.

Enhances results

Once surface dead skin cells are removed, better penetration of products is allowed, meaning better and faster results.

Safe and Painless

Dermal Levelling is a safe and painless method of exfoliation for the epidermis.