Eyeliner tattoo and perfecting session 4-6 weeks apart – $795.00 – Existing clients only.


Eyeliner tattoo and perfecting session 4-6 weeks apart – $600.00 – New clients welcome


Cosmetic Tattoo Eyeliner adds depth, definition, and lift to the eyes so that they appear larger and more striking, and lashes appear thicker and fuller.

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Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo can enhance the shape or balance (symmetry) of a person’s eyes, create the illusion of larger eyes, or affect how the spacing of the eyes is perceived. Besides convenience, a Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo is the perfect solution for anyone with allergies, contact lens sensitivity, dexterity issues, vision problems or an active lifestyle. Permanent eyeliner can be as natural or as sophisticated as you wish, depending on the shape of the eyeliner you would choose.

Australian Novice Tattooist of the Year

In 2016, Kelly was awarded the prestigious Association of Cosmetic Tattoo Novice Award.

3,500 + Cosmetic Tattoo Treatments

Kelly has completed over 3,500 treatments since offering Cosmetic Tattoo at the clinic.


Say goodbye to pencils and wake up with your eyeliner already done each day.