If you are wanting to erase an embarrassing spelling mistake or have a tattoo you regret from when you were younger you have come to the right place.

Lux Series tattoo removal devices work by utalising a high powered Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser which is known for its ability to remove a variety of tattoo inks. The light is directly aimed at the unwanted area of tattoo and the light shatters the pigments into tiny fragments which are then removed by the bodies lymphatic system. The results lead to permenent fading of the tattoo or removal of the tattoo all together.

A consultation must always be booked prior to having a removal treatment.

When looking into tattoo removal it is important to find a good quality machine and an experienced technician in order to achieve the desired results. At The Skin Hub we pride ourselves on amazing technology and highly trained staff in order to deliver quality treatments for our clients. 1 in 3 Australians under 30 have a tattoo they regret and thanks to advancements in our indutry and aesthetic technology more people than ever can now say goodbye to unwanted tattoos.

LUX Series tattoo removal technologies offer you only the highest quality, professional tattoo removal treatments to achieve amazing results and give your skin a fresh start.

The wavelengths used during treatment are designed specifically to target pigments within the tattoo and leave the surrounding skin completely untouched. A consultation is always required in order to assess and discuss the treatment plan and possible results for each individual.

Sessions are generally spaced 6 weeks apart or more in some cases due to the fact that the process continues to work for a long period of time after the treatment takes place. It will take time for your body to break down the pigment and heal after each treatment so spacing the treatments apart appropriately means safer and more effective treatments.

Targeted removal system

Even the finest or smallest tattoos can be targeted directly without causing trauma to the surrounding tissue.

High powered Q-Switched laser with proven results

If you are suffering from tattoo regret, laser tattoo removal is the most effective method to eliminate your tattoo ink without scarring. It is safe for all skin tones and works on virtually all inks. In just a few laser sessions, your skin can be ink-free.

Leaves healthy tissue untouched

Directly targets the pigment of the tattoo without creating trauma to the skin surrounding the tattoo