Muscle Banding

Muscle Banding

from $249

This treatment is available to clients who have previously had Enzyme Therapy facials under the supervision of their therapist as a progression treatment. This can be done as part of our Advanced Enzyme treatment.

Best results are achieved as part of a series of treatments.

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All the benefits of a traditional Enzyme with the stimulation of passive muscle contraction. Like a weights session for your face and neck, this treatment is ideal for those worried about premature ageing, sagging skin; especially under the eyes, cheeks and jaw.

Plus more

Danne has created a treatment with all the benefits of the traditional enzyme therapy plus more to take your skin journey to the next level.

A workout for the skin

Stimulates passive muscle contraction, creating a workout like effect on the facial muscles.

Target problem areas

Target concern areas such as the décolletage, neck and jowls to lift and tighten while instantly improving the look of the skin.