Skin Analysis

Observ 520 Skin Analysis

  • $85 (redeemable with purchase of product same day)

The skin is a complex organ and there is more than what we see with the naked eye. At The Skin Hub, we want to be able to analyse and treat all factors contributing to your skin health, which is why we use the Observ 520 for a professional Skin Analysis.

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With advanced analysis technology we can view the skin in much more depth. This allows us to better understand your unique skin concerns to treat both existing imperfections as well as underlying concerns before they even become visible.

Get ready to face the facts on the true state of your skin and what lies beneath – the Observ 520 will examine:

  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles (even if they aren’t visible yet!)
  • The Oil Content of your skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Pore Size
  • Hydration Level
  • Loss of Skin Firmness
  • Your Skin Tone
  • Overall Skin Health

Post analysis, it will automatically provide six different images of your skins true condition.

Our experienced therapists will then prescribe you with a personal skin treatment program and home prescription, that will provide the best long-term skin health possible.

And because you deserve real results, and to see the results along the way, our professional skin analysis not only correctly determines the problem areas in your skin but it also allows the opportunity to track the progress of your skin overtime with a side by side comparison.

You can see closer than ever before the state of your skin before treatment, during your revision journey and maintenance over time – so you can feel even more confident in the real results our treatments provide.

State-of-the-art Technology

Using the Observ 520 state-of-the-art-technology paired with the knowledge and expertise of our experienced paramedical skin technicians we can delve deep to diagnose and treat your skin.

Accurate Diagnosis

Rather than just looking at the skin superficially using our tools we can accurately diagnose and treat the skin at both the epidermal and dermal levels to correctly treat all conditions and problem areas.

Tailored Program

After a thorough analysis of the skin our experts can create a tailored homecare regime and treatment program for you with phenomenal results.