Skin Nutrition

Skin Nutrition Facials

  • 60 min from $179
  • 30 min from $99

BDR or DMK Nutritional facial.

DMK uses a Transepidermal delivery nutrition system in a facial designed to restore vital nutrients, proteins, amino acids and moisture at a cellular level within the skin. Available for either 30 minutes or 1 hour.

BDR was developed with the concept to achieve the most lasting and intensive results possible while being suitable for every skin condition. – BDR – The medical beauty concept

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DMK’s focus is improving the long-term health of the skin, not quick fixes. The skin chemistry is an eco system and functions similar to a factory, the products that the factory produce is what we see on the surface of the skin. If we are producing a poor quality product it is a direct result of what is going on inside the factory. The DMK concept of REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT and MAINTAIN works to regulate and enhance the internal functions and structures of the skin to maximise capacity to function. The Nutritional facial is both relaxing and a good transition into more results driven treatments.


BDR was created in Germany when doctors, skin specialists, chemists and engineers came together to develop the concept of a range that works deep within the skin layers while still being suitable for all skin conditions using fruit acids, dermabrasion and stimulation to form the building blocks they pair that with highly effective dermaceuticals, the highest purity of ingredients and the highest possible active ingredient density to achieve phenomenal results.

Relaxing pampered feel

Non invasive treatment designed to help you unwind while replacing vital nutrients.

Gently exfoliate and hydrate

Gently remove redundant skin cells, hydrate and start working on the health of your skin.

Works at cellular level

Restore nutrients, proteins and moisture to your skin at a cellular level.