Sugaring Hair Removal


  • Eyebrow Sculpture $22
  • Lip $18
  • Chin $18
  • Sides of face $22
  • Underarm $25
  • Full Leg $63
  • Brazilian $70
  • G-String $43
  • Bikini $32
  • Back & Shoulders $71.50

Sugaring is a specialised hair removal technique.

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At The Skin Hub we offer sugaring on all areas of the face and body. This technique is great for those with more reactive skin.

It’s a technique when a lukewarm sugar paste is applied against the hair growth and removed with the natural hair growth. This ensures that the hair is taken from the follicle, therefore reducing the risk of breaking the hair. With sugaring, hair grows back slower, softer and smoother, breaks the skin more easily when growing back and will come in thinner and less coarse. Most people agree that they find sugaring less painful than traditional waxing.