Your ultimate revision begins with a lower level facial and at home prescription before advancing to our Level 6 protocols. These protocols have strict application criteria and are not suitable for all skin types. 

We offer a variety of double peels, pre exfoliations and advanced peels in order to achieve phenomenal skin results.

Book in an Observ Skin Analysis to discuss your treatment options for these peels. 

Conducted over a 10 day period of time with 2 x pre facials, 2 x LEVEL 6 applications and 2 x post facials

  • Please note – You need to undergo a strict regime and series of treatments prior. These treatments offer phenomenal results and require a strict at-home regime to match. If you think you are ready to advance to our LEVEL 6 treatments talk to your skin specialist about how to get your skin on track and work towards your own revision.

Remodelling procedure/6 layer Peel – Ultimate revision

These advanced peels revise skin back to its genetic blueprint, the skin you were meant to have if it weren’t for your environment, lifestyle, and hormones.

Target; Ageing, pigment, scarring and gives the skin a complete overhaul. Part of a very specific and specialised program tailored specifically to your skin needs combining different modalities and home care to achieve life-changing results that can’t be matched.

The Skin Hub offers Real Results and a Premium Experience!


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The Ultimate Skin Revision

Target fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage and scarring. This treatment takes place over 10 days and will have a similar effect to full laser resurfacing. It includes 2 Enzyme treatments to prepare the skin and 2 lift off treatments after.

Remodel the way your skin functions

More than just a peel the RP and 6 Layer peels are designed to peel away dead, redundant skin while it works to help rebuild stronger, healthier functioning skin cells to revise the condition’s cause.

10 Years Younger in 10 Days

Conducted over a 10 day period the RP is designed to remodel the architecture of the skin and revise dysfunctional processes that have developed as a result of ageing and sun damage. Reconstructing and returning the skin to it's original functioning condition, RP does more than just revise signs of ageing. This intensive peel is ideal for skin affected by acne, pigmentation, ageing, sun damage, scarring, and stretch marks, as it peels away the old skin and restructures the new skin from deep within.