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Lip Cosmetic Tattoo


Lip tattoo including perfecting session 4-6 weeks apart –  $850.00


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Wake up with makeup

Lip Cosmetic Tattoo creates an attractive lip colour. Define the lips and enhance the shape of the mouth whilst giving the appearance of fuller lips. Wake up with makeup everyday! Add some clear gloss and your lips will shine all day long.

Ideal for people who have no definite lip shape, pale lips, small lips and for those that would like to emphasise the mouth. Especially successful for sun damaged lips, uneven lips or lips that have scarring or lost shape as a result of cold sores or injury.

Your technician will implant colour along the outer edge of the lips, giving a lovely defined shape for lip liner. The lip blend is then created in the same colour blended from the lip line towards the centre of the mouth to give a more ‘tinted lip’ appearance. 

As we age, our lips lose their fullness and colour, becoming thinner and losing their definition. At The Skin Hub, we can overcome this with lip tattoo that works as a cosmetic lip enhancement.

Wake up with make up and fuller lips

Having your lips tattooed will enhance their size and shape and make them look fuller and more attractive. A tattoo for lips also provides a more effective and longer lasting result than lip augmentation with dermal fillers. For women who do opt for injectables, getting lip tattooing done creates a beautiful contour and gives guidelines to work with.

We also offer Eyeliner, Eyebrow and Scalp Tattoo


Define Your Lips

Lip Tattoo is suitable for almost anyone. It helps redefine the colour and lines of the lips that we lose as we age.

Wake up with makeup

Initially after the treatment the lips will look quite bright. The colour density is high and you will look as though you are wearing lipstick. This will fade as the lips heal and leave a beautifully natural lip.

Gloss & Go

It's as simple as applying a clear gloss for your lips to look fabulous everyday. Your lips will look vibrant but natural add a little gloss and you are good to go.