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Fine Line Tattoo

Fine line tattoo

  • 1 hour $200
  • 2 hours $400
  • 2.5 or more $600

Touch up from $100

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Fine line tattoo
Body tattoo, including fine line tattoo, is offered by our talented tattoo artist, Alana, who has a background in fine arts.
Fine line tattoos and micro tattoos are currently a popular style of body art requiring a specialist skill set to create  delicate designs and flowing script work.
Alana creates custom designs (in any colour!) which are unique to you. Detailed drawings are her forte, however her style can be very versatile to suit your ideas.
The nature of fine line tattoo means keeping those lines fine and crisp over time. Certain skin types (and in particular, sensitive areas) sometimes require a follow-up appointment. In these cases it’s always best to finish your tattoo over two sessions to avoid over-saturation of lines making the tattoo prone to spreading over time.
Flash designs are also offered at a discounted price and these are also one-off pieces, so you know that your tattoo is unique to you!

Fine Line Tattoo


Alana offers fine line tattoo that includes the most precise and fine detail

Custom Artwork

She draws designs for you based on what you are looking for so you get your own unique design

Beauty at its finest

Fine line tattoo is a piece of art. Alana does both small and large designs of Fine Line Tattoo