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Laser Tattoo Removal Consultation

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Tattoo Removal Consultation

Because every tattoo is different and skin is different, the results and number of treatments needed to remove your tattoo will also be different. This is why we make a tattoo removal consultation compulsory.

Parents used to warn their sons and daughters about tattoos, saying they’re a lifelong commitment. But they’re not anymore! — not when you have access to industry-leading laser technology.

At The Skin Hub, we safely and effectively remove tattoos of all shapes and sizes. We do both body tattoos and cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo removal.

Our dedicated staff recognise that not everyone is after the same result. With our in-depth knowledge of laser tattoo removal and passion for client care, we work to help achieve your laser tattoo removal/cover-up goals. Start your journey with us.

We always do a thorough consultation prior to any sessions of removal to assess the size, colour, depth, layers of the tattoo and skin type to create a customised plan for the number of sessions needed

Must be booked prior to having any Laser Tattoo Removal.

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Wanting to replace your previous tattoo with a new beauty after removal?

Fine Line Tattoo

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Consultation Price


Professional Consultation

We will conduct a thorough consultation in order to assess your tattoo and how many treatments are required.

Effective Treatments

Our laser tattoo removal machine offers effective results you can see even after one treatment.

Personalised Treatment Packages

Your bespoke tattoo removal treatment package means we can offer you the best results based on your personal situation. No two tattoos are the exact same and on the exact same skin so we ensure we cover all your removal needs.